Converting from time_t to System.DateTime

I was busy reviewing my minidump source code before publishing it to codeplex and I noticed that there was one field in the MINIDUMP_MODULE structure that I didn’t mention previously: MINIDUMP_MODULE.TimeDateStamp.

The documentation for MINIDUMP_MODULE says this field is stored as a time_t, which turns out to be a C/C++ type. Trying to find out how to convert that into a System.DateTime in .Net has been a painful experience. The amount of different date/time formats in the Windows API is quite scary. You can find a list of some of them here.

So to save you the time and effort of trying to figure out how to deal with time_t’s here the code to convert them to a System.DateTime:

public static DateTime TimeTToDateTime(UInt32 time_t)
    // 10 000 000 * january 1st 1970
    long win32FileTime = 10000000 * (long)time_t + 116444736000000000;

    // FromFileTimeUtc is the UCT time, FromFileTime adjusts for the local timezone
    return DateTime.FromFileTime(win32FileTime); 

And here’s why it works.

Another route that (should) work is to first convert the time_t to a system time using FileTimeToSystemTime.

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